Jibbly Fish is Gary's original owner. He is a criminal and not a very nice person.


Jibbly, as a baby, was terribly dumb. He couldn't even breathe or move, so they gave him an iron lung. When he finally learned to move (he still can't breathe), he found out he could use this motion to get what he wants. The first thing he stole was SpongeBob's manpurse. It contained loads of stuff. At the age of 17, he adopted Gary, the snail who hated crime, as a cover for his crimes. Now, 34 years old, Gary-less, and rich, Jibbly remains a hermit living inside doing nothing but eating cheeseballs, drinking Sprite, and watching TV.


Jibbly is a criminal, so it's fairly obvious he steals things. These are some:

  • Stole SpongeBob's manpurse
  • Stole Patrick's pet rock
  • Stole Sandy's air (in her treedome)