The 8th episode of Spongebob, Naughty Nautical Ninjas was controversial, but not as controversial as Hallway Dictator.





Mr. Krabs (invisible)


Spongebob: *trying to open a pickle jar* ERGH! GRAAH!

Patrick: The cookies go in the cookie jar, Spongebob! Not the pickle jar!

Spongebob: What? Oh right. *puts pickle jar back in wardrobe*

Patrick: Wait, where is the cookie jar?

Spongebob: Squidward borrowed it, he said if he could borrow it than he would stop playing his clarinet, as long as he had it.

  • clarinet playing*

Patrick: Hey! That little squid-punk is playing his clarinet!

Spongebob: Grrrrrrgggg.. He better have MAH COOKEH JAR.

  • they both head next door to Squidward's house*

Spongebob: *kicks the door down, holding a shotgun* PUT YOUR FEET UP ABOVE YOUR HEAD!

Squidward: *drops clarinet* Aah! SpongeBob! Patrick!

Patrick: *holding a knife* That's right, pudding-face! Give us the cookie jar! *brandishes*

Squidward: Umm, about that--

Spongebob: Just hand it over, Squiddy.

Squidward: Well, uh, I uh..

Patrick: What?!

Squidward: Somebody stole it!

Spongebob: Who? TELL ME, SQUIDFACE!!

Squidward: I don't know who! Maybe it was-- um... let me think.... A-HA! *presses button that makes Spongebob and Patrick get grabbed by robot arms and flung from the building*

Spongebob + Patrick: AAAAAAAAAHHHHH-OOF!

Patrick: Spongebob?

Spongebob: Yeah?

Patrick: We're gonna kill that guy.... NINJA STYLE!

Spongebob: Yeah! *strikes a Kung-Fu pose that looks very inappropriate from Patrick's angle*

Patrick: Spongebob, stop, that's disgusting!

  • Spongebob and Patrick suddenly have nunchucks and black belts*

Spongebob: SQUIDDY'S GOTTA DIE!!!!

Squidward (looking out the window): Agh! They're coming for me! I gotta hide!

  • Spongebob and Patrick look around the house for Squidward, then they see him and chase him around to this music.*

Squidward: (cornered) No! Please! I'm sorry for whatever I did!! Just LET ME LIVE!!

Spongebob (in an extremely epic voice): NO MERCY.

  • Spongebob and Patrick violently beat upon Squidward for five minutes, eventually killing him. The audience is left wondering what this episode had to do with ninjas.*