Squidward's house is a tiki. Got a problem with that?


Here we will explain the different versions of his house:

  • Furnished a single-floored tiki.
  • Added lighting.
  • Added another floor.
  • Planted a garden.
  • Furnished the second floor.
  • Added a room dedicated to art.
  • Added robot appendages (y'know, just in case)
  • Attempted to sponge- and starfish-proof the tiki.
  • Blew up his house.
  • Rebuilt it under the Tiki Association guidelines.
  • Got a sweet lamp.
  • Spongebob breaks the lamp.
  • Got a cool bed.
  • Spongebob breaks the bed.
  • Added a garage.
  • Spongebob breaks the garage.
  • Squidward moves to Squidville.
  • Spongebob visits Squidville.
  • Squidward moves back.
  • Added a ceiling. Finally!! The rain was soaking everything.